Damon Jimenez - Began his optical career at Physician’s Optical Services back in 2017. Damon paved the way for his optical career utilizing his accomplished customer service skills and eagerness to learn. Ensuring satisfaction with our products and services is indisputably his first priority. Sticking to the latest fashion trends when it comes to picking frames can be difficult but with Damon and his keen fashion sense, it becomes a smooth process. In his free time he enjoys working out and cooking. Much like his colleagues, he also enjoys spending time with his dog, a chihuahua named “Chimichanga”, a.k.a., “Little Burrito Boy”.

Samantha Nuckolls- Over a decade in the customer service industry, this mother of two ( son 10 ,daughter 2) loves spending every moment with her children, hiking, reading, her favorite author is James Patterson with a background as a server/bartender before starting a new career with Physician's Optical Service Samatha's wanting and willing to exceed and learn everything in this business.


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